the humanity of it all (experience)

exposing love, life, work, and stupidity

For more than a decade, Dr. Francescutti has been delivering his message: think smart, be safe, and enjoy life.

The Humanity of it All Experience is, and always will be, a work-in-process.  In fact, after speaking to hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals, the content of the seminar changes each time it is presented, allowing the same company year-after-year to experience something different..

From Shell to EnCana, Husky to Halliburton, and the City of Edmonton to Sask Power, audience participants rave about the perspective Dr. Francescutti brings to them, and company HSE officers report immediate improvements in their company's safety culture and overall employee attitudes.

Dr. Francescutti's presentation lasts about an hour and can be delivered to small groups in a company boardroom to a large audience such as the 600 nursing students Dr. Francescutti speaks to each year at Grant MacEwan Community College.  Whatever the venue, it works.

content and media

Dr. Francescutti delivers his message in a way that audiences are not used to--they're told the truth in a bold and sometimes non-politically correct way.  It works.

The presentation begins by getting everyone on the same page no matter what their age, position in the company or willingness to hear what he has to starts with our planet and our birth into it. 

From there, the audience is introduced to what is all around us that we don't ever really think about.  For instance, do you know just how lucky you are to be sitting where you are reading this web page with presumably a full stomach when 33% of people on our planet don't even have access to a clean water supply and only 1% owns a computer?

The audience is introduced to humbling statistics and facts about our inherent vulnerability to injury, disease and illness.  We take a lot for granted, and this fact is emphasized via bold media and graphics.

Once the audience has an understanding of just how fragile (and lucky) we all are, Dr. Francescutti introduces mechanisms of prevention and protection that the audience is relieved to learn we already have within ourselves.

after effects

The audience will leave the seminar talking with each other and their families for days about the content and the new understanding they have for the world around them and the control they have over their own lives.  This directly translates to their attitude and performance at the workplace, ultimately improving the company's safety record.

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Again and again Dr. Francescutti is recalled to the same company on a regular basis to speak to the troops, as a result of the improvement in HSE attitudes and the reduction in incident and injury occurrences.

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