educate, empower, inspire

speaking to the masses, connecting with individuals

For more than a decade, Dr. Francescutti has been speaking to small and large groups of individuals, new and mature organizations and corporations, students, and government agencies--not to mention international authorities and organizations.

Having the ability to connect with everyone in the audience allows for a very powerful and intimate session, unlike any other.  Years of experience as an emergency room physician, an educator, and a program developer give Lou the ability to be taken seriously by everyone, including those who seem reluctant to participate in safety-related discussions or activities.  In fact, it is often those individuals who contact Lou personally after the session to discuss their new perspectives as a result of hearing his message.

Dr. Francescutti's introductory presentation, The Humanity of it All, takes about an hour and a half, and covers a wide array of topics, leaving the audience with a provocative understanding of the world around them and their individual power to succeed within it.

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corporate health and safety

Corporate audiences may be used to safety meetings and safety stand-downs where usual safety topics and goals are discussed.  Offering a bold and ultra-real-world perspective on topics such as safety culture, substance abuse, injury, injury prevention, fatigue, mental illness, communications and health promotion, Dr. Francescutti leads the audience on a journey.  A very compelling presentation including provocative media, imagery, and statistics, Lou gets everyone on the same page and walks them through scenarios to build an understanding of some of the problems and obstacles we all face.  We're all human: we all have needs, we're all vulnerable to illness, disease, and injury, but most importantly, we're all capable of doing great things.  The power is within each of us to succeed both at a personal level, and at a professional level.  And if we can understand the issues at play and learn how to use the tools we were each born with to mitigate risk and make good decisions, we can not only live longer, but we can enjoy our families more, and succeed at work.

groups and organizations

Everyone benefits from hearing Lou's message.  It's not about what we do from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.  It's about how we live--with each other, with our families, and with ourselves.  It's about understanding the world around us and our place within it.  Only with that level of understanding can we truly realign our perspective toward a healthier, safer, more successful and more enjoyable life.

educational institutions

Dr. Francescutti is a recurring event at many educational institutions, including Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton, where he delivers his message annually to a very large group of nursing students. 

These soon-to-be health professionals take many things from the session.  One such lesson is that we're all in this together, and without each other's support, things just won't work.  This may seem like a rudimentary concept, however, sometimes it takes a respected leader to deliver provocative context for some to really understand the foundation of this idea.

international authorities and organizations

Dr. Francescutti is internationally regarded as a medical expert and visionary.  His years of mentorship and inspirational speaking put him in high demand for international consulting, mentorship, and speaking engagements.  From Norway to New Zealand, and Sweden to the United States, Dr. Francescutti is one of Canada's most revered medical figures, being acknowledged around the world for his unique approach to injury control and prevention.

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