excellence program

by popular demand, get your company exclusive access to Dr. Francescutti

Dr. Francescutti is now offering an exclusive opportunity to organizations who want to enhance and improve their culture.  Introducing Dr. Francescutti's Excellence Program.

Inspired by the success of The Humanity of it All Experience, and Dr. Francescutti's vast history of mentorship and advisory to a variety of industry sectors on safety culture, communications, governance, and personal health, this annualized program involves the implementation of an aggressive action plan and proprietary methods where Dr. Francescutti and his team work directly with company managers, HSE personnel, and employees to improve the organization's culture.  Benefits of the program are immediate and are measured using a series of indicators including employee attitude and adoption metrics, safety trends and figures (both industry and company-specific statistics), and employee attendance and performance measures.

core agenda

The program addresses a number of core issues that are of major concern in organizations of any size or age.  When not addressed appropriately, there is an inevitable negative result on a company's safety record, worker performance, and bottom line.  These issues include, but are not limited to:

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  • Safety Culture in the Workplace
  • Leadership & Communications
  • Change Management
  • Fatigue in the Workplace
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Illness

Depending on the organization's specific goals and objectives and the current state of culture, more immersive training and mentorship in any of the core topics listed above is available.  These optional deep-dive modules will be provided at additional cost and include workshops, seminars, and other interactive sessions led by experts in the field.


A brief overview of the program phases are described below.

Before a customized action plan is developed, Dr. Francescutti and his team execute a variety of mechanisms to identify the current state of the organization's culture.  A series of interviews and surveys are conducted with managers, HSE personnel, and various staff.

Once the initial research and survey phase is completed, the results are populated into a comprehensive set of proprietary metrics.  These metrics are used throughout the engagement to evaluate progress.

Once the resulting dataset from the initial research efforts are analyzed and studied, Dr. Francescutti and his team work with managers and HSE personnel to develop realistic goals and objectives that contribute to the organization's overall requirements and expectations.

A customized action plan is developed and presented to company management.  The plan serves to address any gaps identified during the research phase so that the company is successful in meeting its goals.

The action plan's components cannot be generalized, as the very nature of the plan is custom-tailored to suit the specific organization, its current state, as well as its capabilities and constraints.  In essence, personnel are guided by the action plan and supported by ongoing mentorship by Dr. Francescutti and his team throughout the execution of the plan.

The action plan is developed to incorporate flexibility.  As scenarios or objectives change, the action plan is modified to accomodate these changes as best as possible.

Reviews are conducted each quarter, where Dr. Francescutti's team meets with company managers and HSE personnel to discuss progress and required efforts in the upcoming quarter.

At the end of the year, Dr. Francescutti re-interviews HSE staff, managers, and employees, and re-evaluates the organization according to the same baseline metrics that were developed 12 months earlier.  The results are compiled and reported back to organization management, along with any further recommendations.

Seminars are provided to company staff by Dr. Francescutti.

  • Dr. Francescutti delivers The Humanity of it All Experience presentation to the company at the start of the engagement.  This sessions receives rave reviews, and some of Canada's largest and most reputable companies insist on having Dr. Francescutti return year-after-year to deliver the experience.  It is during this session that Dr. Francescutti will introduce himself to the company and identify the efforts he will be taking, and what may be required from each member of the audience and the company overall.
  • It is recommended tha Dr. Francescutti delivers an additional (optional) tailored presentation to the company in Month #7.  This presentation will be a continuation of the initial presentation, where emphasis will be placed on providing content to support the components and objectives of the action plan.
  • Additional employee presentations may be booked at an additional cost (discount applicable).

employee interaction and online portal

Aside from interaction with Dr. Francescutti during research and follow-up activities, employees are able to conveniently interact with Lou via a personalized online portal.  From webinars, newsletters, and archived media, to Lou's Blog and methods for direct communication, Dr. Francescutti's expertise and advice is made available to employees so that they can stay informed and use Dr. Francescutti's vast knowledge and experience as a tool to help them improve their own behavior, perspectives, and attitudes.

exclusive mentorship

This ongoing relationship with the organization gives Dr. Francescutti the ability to methodically and scientifically scrutinize the organization's culture.  Only with this close examination and exclusive interaction can Lou help the company to implement changes that will result in a dramatic improvement in both culture and safety statistics.

what sort of company is this program best suited for?

The Excellence Program was inspired mainly by existing organizations whose corporate and safety cultures were suffering, resulting in poor safety records and employee attitudes. Corporations have painfully realized that reacting to this dangerous state after it has already diseased the organization is not only more expensive, but it puts at risk human health and corporate image. And the most frustrating part is that it is completely preventable.

The Excellence Program can bring measurable benefit to an organization in any stage. For instance, in a more mature organization we are able to identify the state of culture and measure it against the goals and objectives of the organization, interact with employees, and develop an action plan to close any gaps. In a newer organization, a program like this would certainly set the foundation for healthy culture development.

emblem usage

Companies actively engaged in the program are authorized to use a unique emblem in various company collateral and on their website to identify their active status in the program.

get started today...

The Excellence Program requires intensive involvement by Dr. Francescutti.  For this reason, only a limited number of organizations will be accepted.  Interested organizations are encouraged to identify their interest as early as possible by contacting Dr. Francescutti directly.

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