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@home with Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti

A set of 5 motivational and energy-packed audio CDs, Dr. Francescutti speaks to a variety of topics, taking us on a compelling journey to help us understand who we are, the world  we live in, and how we can live a safe, healthy, enjoyable, and successful life.

Influenced by his popular The Humanity of it All [Experience], his audio books build on the idea that the power is within each of us to live a better life, but only once we understand our own limitations and vulnerabilities, and external forces at play.

If you are new to Dr. Francescutti, welcome.  Join the tens of thousands of others who have experienced Dr. Francescutti's seminars.  If you are continuing your journey with Dr. Francescutti, you already know what you're in for.

The following audiobooks can be purchased individually for $25 CDN each or as a set for $99 CDN.

Audiobook #1:
One-On-One with Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti.
Audiobook #2:
Here we are.
Audiobook #3:
Get real.
Audiobook #4:
Live life.
Audiobook #5:
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